Creation of citations and sources of master theses

Are you headed about citing book sources, citing websites, laws, or other resources? Don’t know how to correctly quote ISO 690? Whether to choose a Harvard style, a numeric reference method, or a footnote method? Then you’re right here!

You can leave everything about citations and resource creation to us. If you already have quotes and resources ready, we will be happy to check that everything is according to school standards and requirements.

What will we need?

For website citations, just send us the web address of the site. For book sources or pdf books, we will need to know either the ISBN or title and the year of publication (or author). For example, a web link to the page where the work is found is sufficient.

How we proceed

First, we will generate resources for you to compare alphabetically in your final work. Subsequently, we will correctly create citations in the text. We will then send you the completed work and you no longer have to worry about citing and creating resources.

What is the price?

Once we receive your quotation file, we will immediately send you a non-binding quote. The price cannot be set uniformly, it depends mainly on the number of sources and the number of internet and book citations in the text.

Do you want your work to be perfect even on a graphic or text page?

Also, let us format your final thesis or check your grammar and stylistics. With our help you can be sure that you are delivering the perfect work!